It is a fruition not to be controlled. It is not an unanswered question but perhaps an accident waiting to happen? In comparison to breaking something that you love over and over again but refusing to let it die. Instead simply stopping in an instance only to watch and embrace its collapse. Then store it away again for next time. After all, no one has an answer to every mistake. We have all been there to some degree. If by some form of default you haven't been there then it is every lie that you have ever told. Even the ones you tell to yourself. It is the first time that you've ever witnessed a last breath being expelled while feeling relief. It is the first time that you will ever get to save something's life. It is actually having a good night of sleep in your own vomit, on a curb with a dirty jacket for a pillow. Someone has to do it, right? It's the first time you ever hurt someone and chose to live with regret rather than an apology, no matter how bad you ended up only hurting yourself in the end. It is acknowledging kindness. It is not understanding how or why but doing it out of necessity and no other reason. It is the river of excrement, injury and blood flowing through our veins. It is falling in love or choosing not to. It is a short diary written in music containing the life of three individuals without a fucking blueprint. It's the fact that we all someday have to go. There are no rules other than that here.

The Dogmen.